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Edith is more than a personal trainer; she is a life coach and an amazing mentor.  She is the first trainer that I actually can’t wait to see!  I had a horrible attitude toward exercising, but with Edith I could exercise every day if I could.  You leave every session with a sense of empowerment, happiness (yep, that’s the Growth Hormone kicking in), and the right mind set for upcoming life or diet related obstacles.  Edith has helped me get through a very difficult time in my life by teaching me how to regain control over my life, establishing my self-worth, and changing my body image. The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Edith’s perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs and challenging yet achievable goal setting.  Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and clients transform you in and out. Edith will help you realize and accept that there are no fad diets, there are no magic pills, and there are no simple answers.  Those are the facts!  Changing your body and your life is hard work- and she won’t lie about it, but she will also show you that it’s so worth it!

Love ya Pysiu!



Hi, my name is Frank and I am diagnosed with diabetes.  My family all had Type 2 diabetes when they reached their late 40's.  My brother suffered the worst onset of this disease.   He lost limbs, body functions etc., something that scared the crap out of me.  But, I was headed down the same path as all of my family members were.  My doctors were just adding more medication to try and control my diabetes.   My numbers continued to go up and I was at a cross roads until I came into Edith's store in Norridge, Isis Nu U. We sat and chatted for a while and I knew right away that Edith knew her stuff!!!  Not only strength training wise, but also very knowledgeable in nutrition.  So, I committed to have several 1 hour personal training sessions with Edith.  She also provided me with a specialized eating plan to help me with my diabetes and training.  We started training in August and I learned my new life habits, both exercising and eating healthy.  She is very dedicated to helping her clients to reach their goals of a healthier body and a healthier life style.

Edith will kick your butt, however all for the right reasons. 

Well, after several months of sticking to our plan I went back to my doctor for my checkup.   He gave me a blood test to check my levels and he was amazed of the change in my numbers from 3 months earlier.  I went from an A1c score of 7.1 to 5.8 !!!  That 5.8 is even below pre-diabetes numbers.  So, now I am free of my medications, 16 lbs. lighter, feeling better than I ever have, ALL THANKS TO EDITH !!! Thank you Edith, you guided me to a second chance at a healthy and happy life.



There just is no way to place a value on what Edith has given me as a trainer and a nutrition counselor. She taught me that I can do things I never dreamed of doing. She inspired me to push myself beyond where I think I can go. She has taught me how to take care of my body; I learned more about taking care of myself from her than I did from my mother and every doctor I have ever had an appointment with. Anyone who applies her or himself to a training schedule and nutritional path with Edith will get the most they can out of life.


IT Manager

Edith has been a huge influence in my life and I am thankful for all the support she has provided training me physical and mentally! After years of weight training on my own, hiring personal trainers and following countless magazine “miracle workouts”, I didn’t see the results I wanted.  Programs designed for others simply didn’t work for me.  I decided to discuss my fitness goals with Edith and it was a breakthrough.  Edith evaluated my goals and outlined a personal and nutritional program that simply worked.  I regret not approaching her sooner.  I feel better than ever, energized and ready for life.  Yes, not only did I start seeing results physically, my perspective of life changed as well.  I have great respect and admiration for her positive attitude towards life and am extremely grateful for her dedication to improving the quality of mine and those around her.

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