Get Healthy & Fit


1. Move, exercise. I know of no person who exercises consistently who got covid.

2. Eat nutrient dense foods (greens, vegetables, colored veggies and fruits packed with nutrients). Stay away from 'comfort' foods (fries, cookies, pizza etc.)

3. Sleep at least 6-8 hour continuous

4. Manage your stress (exercise, listen to soothing music, mindfulness guided meditations, take a walk outside in the park, woods, etc, stick your face to the sun- your natural Vitamin D)

5. Turn off 'da box - TV. Nothing inspiring, no health promoting news there...shut it off!

6. Chances of your getting Covid are increased if your health is weak, so if you're diabetic, overweight, have a high blood pressure, cholesterol, and alike that deems your immune system weak, you'll naturally attract not only covid but all kinds of colds, flues, etc. STRENGHTEN YOUR IMMUNE STYSTEM! Bugs, viruses, colds, etc don't like to host a healthy organism. So if your health is already compromised by unhealthy lifestyle, your COVID test will turn positive.

Weak body and mind attracts disease.

Take care of yourselves, and to your health!

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