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So you got your New Year weight loss resolutions....

So you got your New Year weight loss resolutions... Like every new year, you made a point to cut sweets, bread, booze, etc. You even signed up to a local gym. Exciting. You're determined and this year for sure, you'll make it happen. Right? Right. And kudos to you! Here's one thing I'd like to bring to the surface though: CHANGING YOUR EATING AND WORKOUT HABITS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR WILL POWER. Yep, I said it. Your will power will last you a brief period in your life until you fall back into your unconscious brain wiring of that which you habitually repeated over and over for years. Exactly why 90% of new year 'resolutioners' fall right back into their habitual behaviors soon after they started. What then? Weight loss, change in eating behavior, sticking to an original commitment is 99% psychological my lovelies. Ask yourself: What owns me? Do I own my addictions or do my addictions own me? Well there you go. In order to re-design your body and health, you need to re-wire your brain first. And that is challenging, takes time and no matter what new workout craze or celebrity diet vibe you jump on, you'll fail miserably unless you work on your mind. Once you re-set your mind, your body will naturally follow its commends. Who's in the driving seat? You? Or your addictions? Let's talk:)

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