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Bloated? Gassy? Avoid these foods. Happy Thanksgiving:)

I'm sooooo bloated! - is what I often hear women complain about. Gastrointestinal tract is pretty delicate and when disturbed, causes lots of discomfort, swellings and tightness. Hard and distended stomach often leads to pain.

Aside of medical conditions such as celiac disease and pancreatic insufficiency which causes bloating, foods we eat and drinks we drink are a main reason for this dilemma.

1. Sugar-free sweeteners - include sugar alcohols such as sorbitol, lactitol, erythritol and xylitol are not absorbed by large intestines and lead to fermentation, increasing gas and bloating.

2. Broccoli, Cabbage, Kale - despite numerous nutrient benefits, those cruciferous veggies, if not steamed, contain raffinose - a sugar that doesn't digest until bacteria in your gut ferment it, which , yet again, causes gas and makes you boat. Steam them instead

3. Legumes - beans, lentils, soybeans and peas. Although great source of proteins, they contain sugar and fibers that our bodies cannot absorb. If you're vegan, try combining them with easily digestible whole grains such as quinoa.

4. Dairy (cow's milk, cheese) - contains lactose, a sugar that's present in milk and which is difficult to break down in the digestive track.

5. Sodas and all carbonated drinks - basically, it's like drinking gas, causing cramping and flatulence.

6. Prunes - although known for relieving constipation (natural laxative properties), they contain sorbitol - sugar that is very slow to break down

7. Garlic and onions- has starches that our bodies have a hard time digesting and a byproduct that is in form of a gas.

8. Fried foods - it take a lot longer for our bodies to process. As a result, it builds excess gas to build up and causes bloating.

9. High fructose fruits - apples, cherries, mango and watermelon are high in fructose sugar which feed gas-producing bacteria and....often lead to liver damage and type 2 diabetes if used in excess.

10. Grains - loaded with fermentable fart-fuel such as fiber, raffinose and starch. Lectin in grains also leads to inflammation and gut damage which makes your sensitivity worse.

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