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Amino Acids and Why You Need Them

Amino Acids are building blocks of proteins, compounds that play many critical roles in your body. Needed for building a better physique, bones, hair, nails, muscle tissue and synthesis of hormones and neurotransmitters.

Our bodies require 20 different amino acids to accomplish all they need to do for us to live. Of those 20, our bodies can make only 11 of them. The other 9 we must get through our diet - they're called essential amino acids (essential we eat them).

Here, I'll describe the four that are of the outmost importance for you to build a greater physique and recover faster from training (more on the remaining ones later:)

ARIGININE - it readily converts to nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels to allow more nutrients, oxygen and hormones to reach muscle tissue

BRANCHED-CHAIN-AMONO ACIDS (BCAA) - Leucine is the star of this group of three aminos because it stimulates protein synthesis in muscle cells. crucial for building muscle after workouts. BCAA's also help drive nutrients to muscle tissue for better growth.

CREATINE - a compound composed of arginine, methionine and glycine helps muscles produce rapid energy to perform more reps or lift more weight. Creatine pulls fluid into muscle, stimulating muscle protein synthesis.

GLUTAMINE - the most prevalent amino in the body improves muscle growth by increasing levels of leucine while preventing muscle breakdown. It also boosts growth hormone levels and improves immune function and digestion. I LOVE glutamine!

To your health my lovelies!

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