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Hello Summer Abs - goodbye flab!

You know nothing turns heads on the beach that nicely sculpted abs. Lucky for you, you still have time to turn the flab into fabulous. Here's how:

1. Drop your overall body fat. That means full body high intensity workouts 4-5 times/week. Your doing a gazzilion of crunches won't do a rat for your abs unless you drop the fat covering them. 2. Eat more lean proteins, more leafy greens, lots of H2O 3. Reduce your starches and carbs by 70%....unless...UNLESS you eat them right before and after intense workouts (intense doesn't mean yoga or walking on the treadmill until you're bored unconscious) 4. Sleep at least 8 hours/night. Lack of sleep releases cortisol - stress hormone responsible for abdominal weight gain. 5. Reduce boozing....alcohol is loaded with empty calories which like to take ownership of your mid section. 6. Cut out sugars, starches, carbs late in the afternoon/early evening. 7. TRAIN YOUR ABS! It's a muscle just like any other. Once you drop the fat you might end up with a flat stomach won't see those tight muscles on it unless you train them, and train them often (high reps).

Questions? Need a ab diet or abs workout routine? Call me or visit the studio....I'm here to help.

To your hotness this Summer!

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