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Why Women Need Less Cardio and More Resistance Training as They Age?

Quick answer: because with the diminishing estrogen and testosterone they lose muscle, gain more fat, flab and lose shape.

Seeing the number on the scale creep up as they grow older they panic and resort to yo-yo diets, not understanding that such dieting ultimately causes them to regain those pounds in the form of fat.

‘Laziness is a big cause of muscle loss. You don’t use it you lose it ‘ – heard that before, right?

You see, muscle helps burn calories, and it acts as a storage depot for crucial proteins that help you recover from injuries and illness.

I spent my late 20s and early 30s running marathons. Competitively too. And I loved it! Then, once I hit mid 30s I started noticing something was off. I was skinny yet shapeless. And….in order to maintain the desired digits on the scale I had to run more, and more, and more! Just to maintain the 125lbs I was neurotically plastered to! The older I was getting, the harder it was to keep the weigh at the same level. Worse …my body was getting flabbier every month. Not to mention, I lost my boobs, I lost my butt, and somehow I couldn't find it on the long trails of my weekly runs!

That’s when I discovered weight training. Read as much as my brain could’ve possible absorbed at the time on kinesiology, female body, effects of age and hormones on female physique, hired my first personal trainer and started the ‘re-shape your body Edith’ mission. That was 11 years ago and I never left weight training since.

Don’t get me wrong, I find tremendous benefits in cardio: some of your cells’ ageing slows down, your heart functions better, serotonin (feel good hormone) release is awesome.

But….long and frequent cardio will bite into your muscles and bite it hard. Meaning: you’ll lose more muscle while ‘cardioing’ than maintaining it as you get older.

You will not build muscular strength and you will not boost your metabolism as high as it could be.

Therefore, my lovelies, if you want to prevent middle age spread, strength training is the key. Remember, each decade after you turn 30, your muscle declines by 4-9% and because it has a higher metabolic rate than fat, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, even at rest!

And to mention my personal best: YOU'LL LOOK HOT!

To Your Health!

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