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New Year Resolution? It's OK to Screw up

Got New Year Resolutions? Relax

So you got yourself a new health and fitness plan this year. Of course you did, and so did 85% of the rest of the population. 70% of them women! How about it?

Supa awesome and congratulations for being bold and determined to make a shift in your life. Really, I am always pumped up to hear people express their new take on life with enthusiasm and tenacity.

And I’m here to…not only support you on your new endeavor, but to share with you something that will possibly make your new journey a lot easier than the year before (in case last year’s goal came to crushes).


One step at the time.

You see, the reason most people’s resolutions hit the wall a month after they set them up is not the lack of discipline, but rather the fact that they attempted to tackle the moon with a sword…sort of speaking (must be my own inventionJ, but you get the point).-

The bottom line me lovelies: ease into a new eating and working out regiment. It’s ok if you skip a day, it’s ok if you have cookies now and then even though your new diet forbids them. IT’S OK

Remember: you’re on the new path to retrain your mind and it’ll take time..

ITS OK if you screw up sometimes. What matters is that you get back on track. Acknowledge yourself for being human and having your pizza and wine (or beer as in my case , ha!) one day, then get back on the program. Most people, according to my experience, ge discouraged the moment they fall out of wagon and....being so bumped about it, just throw a towel on the whole ordeal. Don't do that. There's hope:)

You see, the reason most people fail in their new year resolution tasks in the fact that they set up too harsh of a ‘de-construction’ programs for themselves. Of course, going 180 on your mind and body can be the heck of a shock. And since your long endured habits are stronger than the new ‘get healthy’ program (you’ve cultivated them for many, MANY years), your mind’s first reaction is that of a ‘f-u!’ (sorry, but you know what I meanJ.

Hence my advice as a nutritionist and a fitness coach: TAKE IT EASY, BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF, and if you screw up…ACKNOWLEGE IT, FORGIVE YOURSELF AND GET ON WITH THE PROGRAM THE NEXT DAY.

We’re all humans, we make mistakes, and it’s ok, as long as you still have your commitment guiding you.

I'm here if you need guidance (fitness or nutrition). Holler when ready for an easy to follow, human-manageble nutrition and/or fitness program. I'm human, like you:)

To your health!

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