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Raise Your Energy. From Emotionally Murky to Blissfully Happy....

First of, what does it mean to ‘raise your energy?’ You see, everything is energy, the apple in your kitchen basket, your body, the keyboard I’m typing on now, and yes, our thoughts. All of it consists of millions of subatomic energy particles which, although you cannot see with an naked eye, they vibrate, move, bounce and race continuously.

When we’re in a low vibrational mode, we, our daily existence, our environment and everything in it seems gloomy, dark, jammed. When we fill our life with negativity, eat crappy foods, abuse alcohol and drugs, hold grudges, are bitter and resentful, etc.. we tend to attract, like a magnet, adverse life experiences (parking tickets, twisted ankle, sudden cold/flu).

We all have gloomy days. Sometimes it’s just mentally, emotionally and physically challenging to quite the mind and its negative invisible chatters. It seems that no matter how hard we try to re-direct self-deprecating thoughts we can’t escape them. And if we ‘chew ‘’ on those detrimental thoughts long enough (aka feeding the monster), we fall into inertia and apathy.

Women in particular are vulnerable to it since, let’s face it…we are, for the most part, empaths. We feel, we perceive, and are conduits of emotions…That’s how we bond with people, friends, families. That’s how we ‘intuitively’ sense the other person and are capable of emphasizing with them. Unlike men, women, for the most part, need to release suppressed emotions verbally to be able to carry on with our lives. Hello girlfriends’ wine and sushi club!

While discharging your emotional frustrations over wine and sushi might’ve delivered some release, chances are, you’re back romancing dark clouds the very next day. Even your morning spirulina green cleansing smoothie doesn’t do the trick, ugh…And how the heck do I know? Yep, I’ve been there.

You see…unless we women make a decision to fully recognize, celebrate and love ourselves, no sushi, no wine or bottles of it will bring us the lasting joy and fulfillment. Cause guess what? No matter how long and how hard you try, you’ll never find it ‘out there.’

The question one asked: ‘I get it, E, but how do I find the energy and motivation to make even the slightest shift? I’m resigned, my life is a monotony devoid of any excitement. I’m just so fed up with it all and it’s hard for me to find joy. Even my kids annoy me.’

To which I respond as the non-psychologist but a woman who’s experienced similar state of mind on many occasions: ‘do something for yourself. Anything, no matter how small and insignificant, anything that will move you from inertia to ‘action.’