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I often get asked about the mechanics of leg training. Frequency, type of workouts, volume, etc. And although there's no 'one approach fits all' (the body type and its response to different workouts vary person to person), I can share some basics with you that I found to benefit me greatly.

First of all, I don't train for mass. I used to, in my competition days, but not any more. Personally, I prefer leaner, more sculpted legs with elongated muscles over mass. I believe, and again, that's my preference, that this is what gives a woman more feminine and esthetic look. Must be European in me:) So in a nutshell:

1. I hit legs several times a week as it became my favorite workout over the years:)

2. I don't like heavy squats, my back doesn't like them, so I replaced them with:

- deadlifts (RDLs),

- sumo deadlifts (hit inner thighs and glutes),

- Bulgarian split legged lunges (for great definition),

- walking lunges (I go heavy on those and do lots of them),

- leg curls and extensions (for that sexy hamstring-glute meeting:)

3. During our BOOTYLICIOUS class we target all the usually neglected during typical lifting session muscles. Here, we tie it all into one place: a nicely lifted derriere. We use all range of motions that a typical squat or a deadlift will not hit. The result: beautiful bubble butt:)

4. Combine all the above with short but intense bursts of sprints and plyometrics and voila! Legs to die for!

5. I avoid sugar! If there’s anything that invites cellulite more than a prolonged sitting on your butt, it’s sugar. So keep that in mind:)

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