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Why Your Generic Diet Doesn't Work

People come to me to design their weight loss diets. They're unhappy with the way they look, the way they struggle fitting into clothes, Summer is a depression state for them...less clothes, greater visibility of their bodily imperfections. Seems like Summer time is their 'wake-up' call. Some of them come complaining about the previously failed diets, unsuccessful workout programs, disappointments, resignation. They cry abut how their last diet failed an now they're discouraged, miserable and afraid to start again.

Why didn't your last diet work? Cause generic diets DON'T WORK. And here's why:

1. You can change your eating habits for a week or two, maybe even a month, but most of the time, your prescribed mantra: 'eat that but not this' will never create a lasting change because it doesn't touch on the WHY?

It does not touch on your rooted beliefs about you and your body, your patterns, and behaviors that inform your food choices and eating habits in the first place.

You can shed a few pounds by your power of will....for about few weeks, but then, your body will backfire and go right into its PROGRAMMED HABITS.

2. Your diet doesn't account for your individual status. Meaning, your age, your hormones, your gender, your lifestyle. If you're a 50 year old female, your weight loss diet SHOULD NOT be the same as the one prescribed to a 20 some year old, or a male in his 30s.. It beats the heck out of me when I see clients who have been given a generic diet, aka one diet fits all by their nutritionists. It's beyond bogus let alone disrespective and negligent. Why? Cause a 50 year old female for example, has a completely different nutritional set of needs to sustain her health, vitality and hormonal balance than the 20 year old, or 30 or 40 some...when hormones are shifting and determining vital functions like digestion and metabolism.

That, plus their blood type regulated food intolerances, allergies, diseases, and most of

3. Unless you have a diet tailored to YOU, your needs and specifications, you'll fail.

Look at our dear friend Oprah Winfrey. With all the spiritual gurus she interviewed, all the theoretical wisdom she proclaimed, wealth and fortune to have a personal cook, trainer and emotional supporter, she's been in a weight war for years. Why? Her diets aren't addressing any of her individual states: not emotional, not physical, habitual, spiritual.

Please understand one thing: unless your mind, body and soul are re-programmed for long term success, unless your subconscious mind is in the driving seat, you will fail no matter your will power.


I can't stress it enough. If you doubt your success, if all all you see is struggle, fear, and possibility of failure, you will get exactly that.

To succeed , whether it's your weight loss, health, marriage, financial or else, you HAVE TO SEE IS AS DONE! Imagine it, get excited about it, do what it takes, and EXPECT THE RESULTS YOU DESIRE. Key secret: START IT, FEEL IT, EXPECT IT!


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