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Slow Down Aging with These Nutrients

Aging is an inevitable part of being human, and of course, it's better to embrace it than despair of it. However, researchers and neuroscientists have now discovered new ways of slowing and partially reversing aging via nutrients that boots stem cell function.

It is the loss of stem cell function that contributes the most to aging. Stem cells, unlike any other cells in the body, can self-renew and differentiate into many different kinds of cells.

Early embryonic stem cells can differentiate int technically any kind of cell and in any kind of tissue. You see, adults retain stem cells in all of theirs organs and tissues. Adult stem cells can regenerate and differentiate but usually only into mature cells in their specific tissue type.

When tissue is damaged, tissue-specific stem cell leap into action, quickly forming into functional replacements for the damaged cells.

In a nutshell: adult stem cells contribute to the healthy adult body's ability to self-heal, and to retain its youthfulness.

Oxidative stress, inflammation and DNA damage and the failure of tissues and organs to repair themselves causes cell function to decline. Fortunately, the following nutrients can restore, delay an even partially reverse aging:

Green Tea Extract - stimulates body's natural repair mechanism, high in polyphenols

Goji Berry Extract - stimulates body's natural repair mechanism, high in polyphenols

Vitamin D - stimulates body's natural repair mechanism, associated with decreased risk of many common cancers

Carnosine - repairs collagen, protects from radiation, telomere saving agent

Blueberry Extract - highly protective molecules rich in polyphenols

Spirulina - anti-inflammatory properties

To your health!

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