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Lose weight but not your feminine curves

One of the things that bother me the most when I see male trainers subject their female clients to are workouts that deprive them of their feminine shape. They train women as if they were training themselves. Heavy on biceps, square, blocky waist, and lots of cardio. The result? A physique that cancels out that which defines female: nice curvy hips, slender yet toned (not blown out of proportion arms), small waist, sculpted legs. Instead, women end up looking like dudes with big guns, wide shoulders and no hips. Sure you're lighter and the scale shows less digits, but heloooo? Where's the female in you?

If you're new to strength training, how can you tell what's right for you and what isn't , right?

Well let me give you some pointers, as a female training females, of what I'd like for you to pay attention to if sexy, feminine look is your prerogative.

First of all, keep in mind that if you're on the weight loss program (fitness and nutrition), you will lose muscle tissue along with fatty tissue. It will change your shape to some degree, but you don't have to lose your precious curves (who wants to look like a muscular dude?).

1. Perform exercises that burn fat but shape your gluteal muscles (hip thrusts, lateral lunges, glue kick backs) - those lift and tighten your butt without making it square as singular squats do. Do a variation of glute exercises that move all three muscles ( minimum, medium and maximus) in all various directions (visit us at BOOTYLICIOUS class on Wednesday evenings for a taste of it).

2. Keep essential fatty acids in your diet when on the weight loss plan to keep the curves. Anything from salmon, avocado, walnuts, fish oil, etc., will do the trick. You cannot eliminate healthy fatty acids and hope for nice curvy buttocs.

3. Proteins. I can't stress it enough: eat lots of proteins. They help repair and build muscle tissue. Otherwise you'll lose muscle mass. Your body gets its protein source from your muscle which decreases muscle mass and lead you to lose your curves. Seafood, lean meat, eggs, protein powder.

4. Eat foods that help you produce leptin. What's leptin? It's a hormone that helps regulate fat, hunger and energy expenditure. Low leptin creates hunger, makes you crave sugar and ultimately leads to obesity. Good source of leptin: grapefruit, fish, broccoli, lean proteins, fish, green tea, eggs, beans, olive oil, turmeric, lean beef, sweet potatoes. sesame seeds.

Don't train like dudes please. Keep your femininity and your sexy curves while leaning out. Be smart about it. Question your trainer about your program and whether it'll promote that which you desire. Stay lean, educated and beautifully feminine.

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