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Women Are Powerful!

Look how much you've accomplished thus far! Seriously. Despite all the troubles and tribulations, ups and downs, highs and lows, women are amazingly powerful. We might have temporary setbacks, but we plow through and get things done. ESPECIALLY, when we put our minds to it, and with a laser focus we strive to get what we desire.

So why so many of us are still overweight, unhealthy and depressed? Because we doubt our own capacity to succeed. And when we doubt ourselves, when fear of failure creeps in we sell ourselves short. We quit and we settle for 'good enough.'

But women are more powerful than they believe. And all you need to do is look back and register all that you have accomplished despite the odds. We wake up, tend to our family, go to work, tend to our family, budget finances, run errands, tend to our household, think ahead (men aren't familiar with that concept, lol), juggle work, school, tend to our family, plan the future, forecast the circumstances. We are wives, girlfriends, cooks, teachers, students, sounding boards to many, creative force behind the monotony, etc.

In that so-called 'life driven chaos' we forget to acknowledge ourselves for who we are and what we do and at the end of the day arrive at the 'I'm not good enough' mental cave.

YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! You're beautiful and powerful and there's no other person like you. You're unique and capable. All you need to do is remind yourself of it every day you wake up and every night to retire to sleep. Comparing yourself to others is just silly....It's like comparing Sun to the Moon....Both of them different but they shine when it's their time to shine.

When you remember your own originality, your typical to you beauty and power you harness, you'll see how much of a gift to society you are. You are a gift, with all that you came to this world to.

So please take care of yourself, acknowledge yourself for who you are, be good to yourself. Eat for nourishment, exercise for health and energy and because you honor and respect yourself that much. Do so, because if you abandon yourself you'll strip the Universe off of the unique, one and only woman that came here to be.

Love ya!

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