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The Power of Commitment

One of the biggest hurdles women face when it comes to saying on path of shedding excess weight and getting in shape is commitment.

Commitment is essential to achieving your fitness goals. Unfortunately, women often resent it because - whether consciously or not - they are afraid they won't succeed and hence, want to leave themselves an easy out.

Although this might seem as a justified safeguard, this approach usually leads to the very thing we are trying to avoid: failure. That, in turn causes us to give up.

But when we are truly committed and there is no plan B no alternatives or other options, failure is no longer a show-stopper. Instead, it is something we learn from, something that shapes character, develops habits that promote success and effectiveness.

Getting in shape takes time and commitment. It takes a mindset to do whatever it takes to get where you want to be. Just remember a time when, in your past, you just knew, no matter what, that something was going to happen and you had no doubts about it. There was no 'maybe' or 'would be nice' kind of thinking. You had a commitment to your goal deep within your bones, and because of it, you were able to give yourself to it completely.

Same goes for achieving your ideal body. It starts with commitment, a powerful decision to do whatever it takes to get there. No excuses aka, I felt tired today, my sister ate my healthy lunch, I think I have a slight fever, I hear the most often which is probably the most ridiculous of them all: the coworkers brought cupcakes to work' ...Seriously peeps?! - Is there any wonder you've been looking the way you have for the past X number of years?

This is your body you want to transform, commit to it and do whatever it takes to get where you want to be. Build your character and self respect and watch yourself succeed in other areas of your life as a result of it.

To your health!

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