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Way too often I see women on the yo-yo diet or competing for a bodybuilding show who shift their bodies from fat to skinny to fat again in a matter of weeks. Little do they realize, such drastic changes in fat composition leave a permanent damp on their body. Gaining weight rapidly than quickly loosing it and gaining it all back (and usually more) later, creates torment on their hormones and chisels permanent stretch marks and drooping skin.

I've seen several pro-athletes who went from 18% of body fat the day of competition to 28% in a matter of weeks! They went from 130lbs on the day of a show to 155lbs just two weeks later! They literally went from fit to fat over a few weeks period! They call it: being off season! Women! Please please get conscious and smart about the weight loss and respect your bodies!

If you are truly committed to staying healthy there are no 'on and off seasons!" You adopt a heathy lifestyle for good and commit to it regardless of the event you want to look hot for!

Your body is not a flipping resistance band that will bounce back off to its original form after expanding it to extremes! It will grow fat cells to accommodate for the extra bawl of pasta and bread you just fed it. And than what? Laser special or lipo in hopes of eliminating the stretch marks you just created by your own ignorance? Ain't gonna work and if you're smart you should know it.

Drastic weight gains and losses put a tremendous impact on your bodies, your well being, your hormones, emotions, your skin. Haste makes waste big time!

This is one of the reasons I monitor my clients' weight loss no matter how desperate they are to see it fall off of their bones as soon as possible. You want permanent results? You need to instill permanent life habits, both fitness and nutrition wise. No shortcuts. Consistency in training, clean eating, 1.5 -2lbs a week in weight loss is a healthy approach which yields more permanence in sustaining the weight than a rapid, rushed, forced, impatient one.

Don't torture your bodies please, respect it, so it can respect you back. Eat and train for life, not just the show or birthday party.

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