Get Healthy & Fit

Staying Healthy & Fit during Holiday Season

My lovelies,

Here we enter…what I call…the season of sluggishness and convenient holiday eating fiestas. Temps drop, days become longer and so we conveniently resort to hibernation. Some of you will be tempted to put your lifestyle of health and fitness on hold, chow on whatever accessorizes your holiday tables (i.e.: pies, gravy, etc.) and justify it as 'seasonal blues.'

Well, if this is your idea of putting 'thermal' layers on your body to survive winter than you are sure headed to a non-reversable fat cell creation. Yes, you read it right: the fat cells you create over winter are there to stay. You might 'shrink' them to a certain degree by doing a diligent strength training but once created they are there to stay, period. Sucks, doesn't it.

Not sure about you, but I don't want to play that game. Contrarily, I am up to taking advantage of long and often gloomy winter days to focus on putting myself in the best shape ever! And I hope you'll join me on this endeavor.

I'd like to encourage you to defy the circumstances and weather dictates and stick to that what you said you are committed to: health and physical strength. Instead of falling off the wagon and using the change of season as an excuse please use this time to get in the best shape you can get. Use it to your advantage, so when the spring rolls in, instead of giving into panic over having to strip yourselves off of layers of clothing you will be excited to reveal your healthy, fit and strong selves in a matter of hours (yes, hours!).

Remember my mantra? Being healthy and physically fit is a lifestyle, unbias of seasons and your 'yey - nay' emotional swings.

Now…for those of you who do workout, indulge in holidays treats moderately but still aren't seeing the results you hoped for, consider the following:

1. You're not addressing your hormones.

I sure hope you read one of my previous posts regarding how tricky our hormones are, and more importantly, how most weight loss programs simply look at calories. Eat less than you burn and you'll have the body of your dreams in no time! Hellooooooo…..!!!! see me rolling eyes now….If only it were that simple.

The truth is, if your fat loss program is not specifically addressing your internal hormonal environment through nutrient timing, food combining, and planned overfeeding the amount of fat you're able to burn will be FAR from optimized and you pretty much have zero chance of actively burning fat for more than a few hours a day.

Why? Because your hormones virtually control everything when it comes to fat burning.