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Why Settle for Weight Loss if You can Have a Body of a Goddess?

I always wondered: 'Why do women limit themselves short by saying things like "I want a flat stomach,' or 'I want to lose weight?' And that's basically 98% of women who walk in the door of my studio (the remaining 2% are those who need help preparing for figure competition).

I wonder if they see the gigantic decals: BODY SCULPTING covering almost the entire front window? Hmmm....

If you could draw the type of body you'd love to have, what would it look like? If you were to sculpt it, mold it to be the personification of your ideal, what would it be like?

You have imagination, right? You can visualize it, describe it almost to the most minuscule detail (oh yeah, women can:).

Well guess what? If you can imagine it, if you can visualize it, if you can feel it, than YOU CAN HAVE IT!

So let's go beyond the usual 'lose weight' amateurish and inhibited desire and go for bold and veracious picture you want to sculpt your body into. Wouldn't CREATING be more exciting than starving? Tata!

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