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Consistency is the Key to Weight Loss

Have you noticed your progress (weight loss) stale after some time of exercising like a maniac? Suddenly, your weight stopped dropping, and OMG why is the scale showing the same 'ol digits even though you've been blasting cardio and weight training the same way you have for weeks. Your weight dropped so fast in the first two-three weeks and suddenly...what the hell! It all just stopped!

Discourage, frustrated, you stop too. 'It's not working anymore' you cry out loud. Out of frustration you grab a bag of your 'sin food' 'cause....'why the hell bother anymore, right?

Well....wrong. Let me tell you what happens with the body/metabolism on this journey of yours.

First, anytime a sedentary person starts a new workout/weight loss program, their body is in a complete shock. It is shocked so much that every cell of you is going 'what the hell is happening here?!' As a result, the suddenly ignited metabolism starts working overtime burning calories insanely resulting in a sudden drop of poundage.

But you see, our bodies are so darn clever, that after a while, your organism recognizes the 'trick' and says: 'ha, I know the routine, I'm familiar with it, I know what's coming next, I don't have to react to it so drastically, so....I'll just rest. No fooling me around anymore.'

And that's what we call in a bodybuilding world 'plateau zone.' That's when people quit. 90% of them quit and within a very VERY short period of time gain all the weight back plus extra. Discouragement, depression and resignation creeps in and you're done.

Or are you?

You see, permanent change happens over time and, although you might not like it (hell, we all look for instant gratification), only those who understand the body mechanics will implant the permanent body structure that lasts forever.

Once your body goes over the initial 'shock' and drops pounds, the same progress slows down continues on its path of building muscle/burning fat. It's just happening at the slower pace. That's when you ditch your scale and STAY FOCUSED AND COMMITTED. Why? 'Cause despite your despair over not seeing the digits on the scale drop, your body is still changing and moving in the direction you want.

With that, you need to know a few key points:

- you have to keep at it

-you have to keep your body guessing, constantly challenging it with new routines, new workouts

-less rest in between the sets, heavier weights, more reps

-your diet needs to change - more carbs around the workouts, less in the evening when you're at rest - become metabolically smart

-stay consistent - only people who make physical fitness their lifestyle become fit for life!

And here comes the best part of it:

Once you've developed a consistent structure of working out, you won't have to sweat your bullets like you did on the beginning. Once your body is PROGRAMMED to working out regularly, it's all MAINTENANCE at that point. Meaning, it's a lot easier to keep it fit and in shape than when you started. That's how smart your body is.

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