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What to Eat to Prevent Wrinkles

I write a lot about keeping your body physically healthy and fit and try my darndest to live up to it. I also believe that taking care of your body goes hand in hand with nursing your skin.

And if you're anything like me, who can only reminisce about my 20s and the youghtfull face I had back then, you'll probably want to delay and prevent wrinkle formation.

That is also the reason why the nutritional programs I design for you are packed with the whole body nutrients support galore.

Let's start with pointing out WHAT CAUSES WRINKLES. All inflammatory foods, such as vegetable oils, red meats, white bread, sugary and processed foods accelerate wrinkle formation. How? The body metabolizes the simple carbs and sugar by converting them to glucose. Once converted, they stick to wrinkle-fighting proteins like collagen and damage them. And collagen is what makes your skin soft, beautiful, subtle and young.

Here are my 10 top anti-wrinkle foods for preventing and reducing wrinkles:

Avocado - packed with vitamin E and B-complex, rich in essential fatty acids which moisturize the skin, keeping it soft and smooth

Salmon - great source of omega 3-fatty acids keeps the skin soft and moist and protects against UV damage

Buckwheat - awesome source of ruin, a bioflavonoid that helps utilize vitamin C and helps maintain collagen in the skin

Wheat Germ - packed with skin smoothing properties like zink and selenium, vitamin B6, E, CoQ 10 and protein

Eggs - my fav, packed with anti-wrinkle amino acids glycine, proline and lysine essential for producing collagen and elastin.

Blueberries - have the highest concentration of anthocyanin, which neutralizes enzymes responsible for destroying connective tissue and scavenging free radicals

Brazil nuts - nature's best source of selenium (consume in moderation though due to their high fat content)

Carrots - aside of their amazing vision improving components, carrots are high in beta carotene, a nutrient known to protect the skin agains free radical damage. Buy organic

Broccoli - packed with beta-carotene, vitamin C and coenzyme Q10 - all anti -wrinkle nutrients

Celery - good source of beta-carotene, vitamin E & C. Eat organic

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