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Tight, Round, Firm Bubble Butt (vs square and flat)

What female doesn't want it? After all, nice, tight round glutes are one of (if not the ..) best assets of a female body. Unfortunately, sitting long hours on it, whether at work at your desk or/and in a car during the commute promotes more of...well...let's just be honest: flat or as I call it..pancake butt. Long cardio sessions (running in particular) also speed up the process of diminished 'roundness' of what used to be or could have been 'apple cheeks.'

So what's the remedy? How to build a nice, firm set of buttocks that turn heads and make you look like a knock out in a pair of jeans?

Here are my top 7 exercises I do three times a week to get the glutes of steal:

1. Squats - (deep, meaning; ass to the grass)

2. Hip Thrusts (weighted)

3. Walking lunges

4. Bulgarian split legged lunges (phenomenal way to add definition and sculpt those legs)

5. Deadlifts (all kinds: stiff legged, sumo, Romanian)

6. Band all around extensions

7. Side kicks (weighted)

I am naturally small framed, and 'hippy' does not run on the female side of my family. Hence, building my derriere can only be accomplished via heavy weight training through a variety of exercises, and....attacking my glutes the way that promotes ROUNDNESS vs conventional vertical movement. That is why, while training glutes you might want to steer away from the way men train them, reducing it to conventional squats and leg presses only.

We as females, need to hit our buttocks from different angles to arrive at the round and tight, not tight and square. And unfortunately, that's what I'm seeing male trainers focus on while training women....

So get smart, and train with your objective in mind. Want to get a taste of it? Come to our BOOTYLICIOUS class on Wednesday eves at 7:10PM. I promise you you'll awaken the muscles in your bottom you never thought you had, ta ta!

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