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How to eliminate bra bulge (back fat)?

Women often complain about the flab covering the upper parts of their chest/back aka bra bulge. Although their body type might be predisposed to accumulating fat in the upper region more than the lower (hips/thighs), there are ways to mitigate it. Here's what you need to know:

1. YOUR DIET. Excess carbs, sugar, processed foods will find its visible manifestation in your body. If you're prone to gaining weight in the upper parts, this is where you will most likely see excess fat. Change your diet to healthy proteins, vegetables and complex carbs pronto!

2. FULL BODY HIIT (high intensity interval training. See: Fast & Furious group class)

This includes burning fat all over your body, minimal rest periods, fast, intense, keeping your heart rate elevated throughout the entire workout program.

Full-body weight training is THE way to boost your metabolism by maintaining the muscle you have during a fat loss program. Why full body weight training is THE MOST EFFECTIVE?

First, focusing on muscles in the “problem area” only is not going to burn fat which is covering them, but will instead build the muscles below the body fat and possibly make the area appear even fatter. That's why women who still eat crap and are fat allover get 'bulky' in such regions. A full body weight training however trains the major muscle groups of the body equally so it will efficiently burn the most amount of calories possible. The result: smaller, leaner body.

There is no faster way to get rid of accumulated fat than via strength training, aka: muscle building. Yet, women erroneously believe that the more they train the bulkier they'll become. Wrong wrong wrong. Muscle feeds on fat. No muscle = fat. What would you rather have covering your body: fat or muscle? Thank you!

I covered it several times already: women aren't capable of building huge muscle mass ULESSS they take steroids. I did, however, found women who Cross Fit fanatically show massive upper body and burst out of their cute Gucci jackets. Not particularly what I promote. I still like it feminine and sexy.

3. SCULPTING UPPER BODY. Once you dropped the overall body fat via step #2 and the bra bulge is no longer there, you might be ready (interested) to SCULPT your upper back and shoulders. Here, we'll introduce a specific training segments for back, chest and shoulders such as:

-pull -ups, push-up, chin-ups

-shoulder dumbbell presses

-cable extensions

-rear deltoid flys

-tricep extension. rope pulls, dips, etc.

Getting rid of fat and sculpting the body you desire takes time, effort, dedication and PROPER DIET. And you are the only one who decides whether you're ready for it or not.

Ta ta!

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