Get Healthy & Fit

Beautiful, sculpted, jaw dropping legs (are not skinny and shapeless)

Is skinny and shapeless still a domain of women's obsession? Does the second pic look attractive to you? Personally, it makes me want to take her out for healthy dinner!

Do they still find the 'skinnier the better' their daily motivation toward a restrictive (yogurt and a few leaves of spinach a day) meal program?

Hot, beautiful legs and glutes are made with weights, sweat and balanced micronutrients. Muscles, which give female legs the sexy, firm and sculpted form do not resurrect out of thin air or few granola bars. They sure don't knock out the bystanders nor make men drool with awe (ask any!).

Sitting on your butt will also NOT make your butt look the way you want it to...What will? Come over to BOOTYLICIOUS class tonight at 7:10PM and find out:)


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