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Looking Hotter & Younger with Age

Have you noticed that your latest purchases revolved around either make-up or jewelry? That shopping for clothes hasn't been as much fun as if you were in your 20's? And even then, the fun makeup and accessorizing doesn't seem to look so much fun and sexy as if you were younger? Enter the female middle age.

But guess what?

You can enter the stage of middle-age hot and sexy at ANY AGE. The key to it: STRENGTH TRAINING!

Here's the deal:

Women, because of the hormonal changes that come with age, have a harder time to stay lean and keep their bodies nice and firm than men do. Sucks, I know. We women, have to literally work three to five times as hard as men just to MAINTAIN that which we had in our 20s or 30s. And it kills me seeing women either give up on strength training, pick on a stupid diet or a cardio (running, elliptical, etc) as the only means of keeping their minds sane and staying (somewhat) in shape. They translate cardio sessions as a gateway to smaller younger selves. How erroneous is that! The opposite is actually true and here's what happens during your infinite cardio sessions:

  • you lose muscle which is responsible for younger, firmer, more feminine-shape look-

  • you have to continuously increase cardio sessions just to maintain the 'skinny-fat' look you think is attractive. You'll pile on pounds very quickly the moment you ceases cardio

  • you get more wrinkles (basically everywhere: face first, then right under your butt, etc.)

  • your metabolism goes wreck havoc - you might get 'smaller' in size but your highly metabolic muscles will die off. Consequence: no shape, no firmness, but loose skin and wrinkles - no good. I've spent my 20s and early 30s running marathons competitively and ended up looking anorexic my friend told me: a-sexual. Double no-good.

So what's the recipe? WEIGHTS my darlings, weights! You either enter the world of strength training (dumbbells, barbells, cables, body weigh) or you go soft, wrinkly and shapeless. Unlike with cardio, weight training leaves you with 'after-burn,' meaning you keep on burning calories hours and days after you're done training. Fun fact: you only need approx 20 min of intense weight training to burn the same amount of calories as a moderate 2 hour cardio. Who's crazy here?????

I can't stress it enough and I can't believe women are still in the dark about it. Or just plain ignorant.

You fret about the digits on the scale but you don't about how your body looks in clothes or without them? Seriously? Do you like the 'bat wings' every time you raise your arms, sagging, cellulite covered butt? Droopy, soft shoulders and loose skin on your stomach? Understand this: ONLY MUSCLE WILL GIVE YOU THE BODY SHAPE YOU DESIRE. It'll give you curves, feminine shape, take years away and give your strength and vitality. It'll also keep osteoporosis (weak bones) away from you and everything related to pre-mature aging.

Your biological age does not have to be mirrored by the way your body looks. You can look 20 when you're 30, 30 when you're 40, 50 when you're 60 and so on. And for crying gout loud: LOOK GOOD NAKED!

Build muscle, shape your body the way you want it to look. Being smaller (via cardio or diets) is NOT THE WAY to stay healthy, young and fit. And in case you still worry about bulking...educate yourself and understand that women, no matter how hard they'll try (unless they take steroids) are incapable of bulking. Our estrogen won't allow it.

Still in doubt? Check this out: I hip thrust almost twice my body weight, deadlift 185 lbs, shoulder press 40 lbs each and AM SIZE 2! All the while you fart around with a pair of pink 5 lbs dumbbells crying :"I don't wanna get big!" You're not gonna!

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