About Us

Isis Goddess


Well, the name Isis stems from my affinity for Egyptian mythology, and with Isis being the goddess of re-birth and power, I found the name correlate with what I stand for: one's ability to transform and do so with power. I see it as a transformational motto for every person engaging in a new chapter of their lives: a complete shift in thinking, doing, and consequently having THE BRAND NEW YOU!

I get inspired by people whose desires make them get up each time they fall, who act in face of fear, and challenge conventional dogmas by taking on living life versus 'surviving' it.


I am here to help you set goals, and guide you on the lifestyle, eating and exercise choices that will get you there. To push you, hold you accountable and keep you on track to achieve the best in you... for life, not just your sister's wedding or your high school reunion.


I am not here to help you take on a new habit….I'm here to assist you take on a brand new LIFESTYLE!

Why the name Isis