About Edith


My name is Edith Halasik.

Let me first tell you what I am not:

I am not a plastic surgeon, physician or a magic fat loss/happy pill distributor. 


I am an avid athlete, certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist who refuses to give into the mainstream myths of our DNA being the cause of obesity, mortality and disease.


I am a National Physique Committee (NPC) member and figure competitor, competitive marathon and ultra-marathon runner, mountain climber, and HIT (High Intensity Training) specialist. I focus on fat loss, sport specific and injury prevention training.

I have not been genetically blessed and neither of my parents have been involved in sports.


My passion for health and fitness evolved out of my zest for life, obnoxious almost curiosity to see what's on the other side of 'the truth,' and an immense desire to discover and help manifest human potential, my own including.