My name is Edith and... let me first tell you what I am not: I am not a plastic surgeon, physician or a magic fat loss/happy pill distributor. I am an avid athlete, certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist who refuses to give into the mainstream myths of our DNA being the cause of obesity, mortality and disease. I am a National Physique Committee (NPC) member and figure competitor, competitive marathon and ultra-marathon runner, mountain climber, and HIT (High Intensity Training) specialist. I focus on fat loss, dietetics, disease prevention, anti-ageing methodology,  sport specific and injury prevention training. 



We are dedicated to helping women achieve their best in health, energy, vitality and overall life satisfaction via proper nutrition, body sculpting and emotional guidance.

"Achieve the Body, Health and Vitality You Always Desired"


What if health, happiness and increased enjoyment of life was an integral part of your being? What if energy, vitality and enthusiasm was the main theme of your everyday life? What if having a healthy, strong and beautiful body was not just a temporary insert on your resume but a permanent aspect of who you are?


Imagine…get excited and start your transformation…TODAY!

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The body you have is the only thing in this physical realm that will be with you even when everyone else is gone. Treat it with respect, nourish and protect it to serve you well for ions.


Love and Commit to YOU now! 

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